Vocare, the Latin word in which we get the word Vocation, meant “to call”. Each one of us has a vocation. For many, it’s to be married and raise a holy family. But for a select few, it’s to serve God as a priest, sister, or brother. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to live a consecrated life or what it means to discern, this is a place to read stories and advice from the people who are living it!

Acts 8:30 is a call to action for people of all vocations. Just like St. Philip speaking to a man who had an open heart to the word of God, we are called to evangelize in the way God is calling us to. Upon first inquiring with the man, Philip sat with him and lead what must have been one of the most epic bible studies in history. We are all called to share the gospel, just like Philip. But how does God want us to fulfill this call in the most powerful way possible? By following our vocation.

Vocare830 is run by two diocesan seminarians in major seminary.  After running a private discernment community at reddit.com/r/Discerning for some time, they decided to start a blog to answer common questions, provide insight into seminary life, and maybe posting a few memes would be a good idea.  And thus, Vocare830 was born.

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