Genuine Masculinity

Man up! Be a man! What do these phrases often mean? They are often used to criticize men who are not living up to some standard. “You’ve been dating for how long, and you haven’t slept with her yet? Man up!” “Are you scared? Aren’t you man enough?” In today’s American culture, men are expected to … More Genuine Masculinity

Public Person

Before I entered the seminary, I was a Broadcast Journalism major at a public university. It was the only thing I ever wanted to be when I was growing up. I remember flipping through my old 3rd grade journal during my senior year of high school and reading my old dreams and aspirations. For the … More Public Person

Who Am I?

Fundamentally, this question drives everything we do. From our political views to how we interact with others. Our identity is the basis of who we are as an individual and how we understand it affects the way we pray. I’ll start. I am a son, a brother, and a seminarian. I have a rural upbringing with … More Who Am I?