Discerning how to Discern

Catholics love Catholic words. We often utilize words like “Thomism” and “Canonical” without fully grasping their meaning. The Church faces greater challenges than loose vocabulary, but these Catholic buzzwords do create some fascinating problems. One such problematic word is “Discernment.” It is a rich word, full of meaning. However, since every serious Catholic has to … More Discerning how to Discern

Holy Hours

No, I’m not talking about once a week or once a month.  I’m talking about once a day. Many seminaries require a daily holy hour of their seminarians, whether in common with the rest of the house or on your own.  This was incredibly daunting to me as I entered seminary; I occasionally did daily … More Holy Hours

Litany of Humility

This is the hardest prayer I’ve ever had to pray. It’s also the most rewarding. I challenge you to pray this prayer until you mean every word. It may take weeks, months, or years, but it will be worth it. Can’t we all use a little more humility in our lives? O Jesus! meek and … More Litany of Humility